“Design brings different challenges and surprises to my life and work, but design is not a means for designers to indulge in their own ideal world, but to solve practical problems through listening and communication, re-understanding and creating the world we live in.”

Angel studied environmental design at Tama Art University in Japan. After graduation, she worked in TOFU Inc. and SLT (STUDIOLITE), and participated in the design of Fourtry Space, Park Hyatt Saigon Restaurant in Vietnam, LADY M Xiamen Flagship Store and other commercial projects.

Since joining Lukstudio in 2020, she has been leading projects such as the renovation of the Yangpu CREATION Public Area, Nikon Shanghai Flagship, Nikon Guangzhou Flagship, Be Infinity Wuhan Flagship Store, and Hans’ Residence.

Angel excels in project analysis and thorough communication with all parties involved. Her meticulous method ensures the perfect solution from overall planning to detail execution.