Christina Luk
Founder & Director of LUKSTUDIO
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Toronto
Registered Architect in Ontario

Christina Luk was born and raised in Hong Kong, a dynamic city that inspired her creativity from an early age. While her design ideology and logical methodology are the fruits of her training in the West, Christina remained close to her culture in the East. She believes that all beings are connected and design is simply her path to help others and discover the world.

Having achieved projects of a range of scales, Christina has accumulated knowledge from urban planning to architecture and interiors. Her strengths lie in articulating the client’s needs and creating a site-specific narrative for each physical space. Her minimalistic design approach is one beyond aesthetics; it stems from her love of nature and its order. She is aspired to create pure expression that connects man to nature physically and spiritually.

Christina founded LUKSTUDIO in Shanghai in 2012, and since then her team have created a portfolio that showcases a passion for concept, materiality and lighting design. In 2016, Christina was recognized as ‘Wave of the Future’ in Hospitality Design Magazine, and awarded ‘40 Under 40’ by Perspective Magazine. In 2019, she won the Mulan Award and was appointed as an advisor to the president of the Mulan Club. In 2021 she made ‘Interior Designer List (Dining)’ and won the Golden Palace Award for best designer of the year.

Design is the process of solving spatial problems and contradictions; expressing the design concept through materials and structural details in construction.
Dong Wu
Project Architect
I am still exploring with design.
Yicheng Zhang
Project Designer
Design is the process of solving problems. Designers do not just create beauty, but create a better life.
Yiren Ding
Project Designer
The design I like is powerful and warm, having relatively simple materials and colors in a variety of architectural spaces.
Yoko You
Project Architect
I think good design is never about “keeping up” with architectural fashion. Good design will eventually become fashion. Our design goal should be to create sustainable and timeless design.
Munyee Ng
Design in life can change our emotions, which is an aesthetic pleasure. Good design has the energy of change. It can change our lives, bringing us a more functional, safe, comfortable, and convenient experience.
Vivi Du
My ideal is that, in every project I have participated, I can proudly say that this is my design or participation.
Weifeng Yu
Design is composed of the conditions for the objective existence of things and the creative thinking of human beings.
Haixin Wang
I hope that one day through my design, I can bring a better life to my hometown of Harbin.
Coca Gao