YanLing Creative Hub


The YanLing Lane Creative Hub is a renovation project that rehabilitates two mid-rise towers and one heritage building in the city of Nanjing, China. Lukstudio’s proposal stacks volumes, one on top of another in a ‘jenga-like’ way. This massing solution resembling piles of written records, and is based on the idea that culture and creativity are accumulated over time, through different interactions.

The complex hosts a gallery dedicated to the history of radio communication, stores and office spaces for small businesses. The existing building is tightly packed, so has lots of day-lighting issues. To make the spaces breathe better at the lower levels, we suggest subtracting chunks from the interior of the volume and creating cantilevered overhangs. This not only improves the amount of natural light filtered through the building, but also offers an open public area to the ground level, which in turn helps to foster interaction between tenants.

The proposal offers a mixed-used landmark for the city, one that enables culture and creativity to flourish over time.


net area: 4000 sqm
design: January 2015
status: unbuilt design proposal
project team: Christina Luk, Marcello Chiada Rana, Wesley Shu, Cai Jin Hong, Pao Yee Lim