Pantry’s Best, The Tree


To create a store identity for a cupcake brand, Lukstudio thought one common ground between finishing a cupcake and an interior could be the idea of sculpting. Inspired by a bird drawing in the brand’s visual graphics, Lukstudio decided to give the little bird a dwelling tree, and the customers a comfortable “ under the shade” experience. Having chosen the tree form as the subject of our sculptural experiment, these projects document the negotiation between the idea, the pragmatic retail requirements and the site specific constraints.


Given a big column in the middle of the 53 sqm basement booth, Lukstudio transforms the spatial obstacle into a sculptural opportunity: a huge tree trunk extends from the ground and expands into a sinuous foliage inspired by the cupcake icing. Peepholes perforate the tree trunk, giving the impression of traces left by woodpeckers. They invoke childlike curiosity in passer-bys, inviting them to peek inside for some hidden treasure.

The bespoke table collection “Twiggy” mimics the rustic idea of using light tree branches to support a timber top for use. “Twigs” branch out at the end of the legs to become corner hooks for bags. The square and quadrant shapes allow flexible grouping under the tree.

K11 Art Mall

At K11, a new mall concept renowned for integrating art and commerce, the “tree” idea moulds into another form in the 14sqm small booth. Resembling elongated willow tree branches, wooden cylinders are suspended from the ceiling in different densities and lengths, forming a foliage like sculpture above the retail display. Sitting on the white counter, these wooden cylinders become display plinths for the brand’s signature desserts.


  • net area: L'Avenue 53 sqm / K11 Art Mall 14sqm
  • scope: storefront design, custom furniture & lighting design
  • design: Nov 2014- Jan 2015
  • construction: Feb – April 2015
  • project team: Christina Luk, Cai Jin Hong, Pao Yee Lim, Wesley Shu
  • general contractor: Shanghai MaiChang Construction Project Co., Ltd.
  • photography: Peter Dixie for LOTAN Architectural Photography, Christina Luk (peephole shots only)
  • special thanks to Lexi B and Mama Irene