The Platform


The Platform, a design for Baker One is located in downtown Shanghai near the busy Nanjing Pedestrian Zone. The previous multi-coloured storefront was lost amongst the chaotic signage of an intersection corner where vehicle and pedestrian traffic levels are immense. To filter the visual chaos, the facelift begins by introducing grey cement cladding as a buffer zone. Interior views are then framed by large openings along the façade. While the hustle and bustle of the streetscape takes form as a series of screenplays in the relaxed interior, the hearty display of baked goods welcomes passers-by to flow through the store and grab a bite. The display counter is a continuation of a wooden datum that connects interior to exterior. This platform of reclaimed wooden planks marks the corner and stages all in- and out-fluxes. In contrast to the grounded platform, floating baking pans of various molding patterns compose a feature ceiling throughout the bakery.  Whisks are modified into pendant fixtures and rolling pins are celebrated as door handles. All elements amalgamate in a visual identity that complements the smell of the artisanal bakery.


  • net area: 50m2
  • storefront design, interior design, custom furniture & lighting design
  • design: March – June 2014
  • construction: July – Oct 2014
  • project team: Christina Luk, Scott Baker, Wesley Shu
  • photography: Peter Dixie for LOTAN Architectural Photography