The Nanyang Port


Founded in 1987, JUMBO Seafood Restaurant opened its second branch in Shanghai at the International Financial Center in 2016. Over the years, with the reputation being one of the top Singaporean restaurants in Shanghai comes a loyal customer base who value food quality over restaurant design. As the F&B market becomes more diverse and sophisticated, customers expect a more memorable experience from fine-dining. In search for a more recognizable identity, the original humble and practical design requires a facelift. Going back to its root along the east coast of Singapore, Lukstudio instilled in the restaurant elements from the sea and harbor, immersing diners into a Southeast Asian atmosphere.


Located on the third floor of the IFC Mall, the renovation scope includes the entrance lobby, main dining hall, and the private dining rooms. Given that the kitchen and BOH must remain intact, as must the number of seats, major layout changes are not possible. In response to the seafood menu, the design team takes inspiration from the ocean and adorns the interiors with sinuous shapes and nautical materiality,  recalling diners their last stroll or boat-ride along a harbour.


The entrance is marked by a curvilinear perforated metal ceiling and layered wooden wall panels, creating a welcoming gesture of overlapping sails. The “traditional junk boat” hull seamlessly integrates a reception, seating and planters, giving a glimpse of the tropical atmosphere within while welcoming guests onboard. The corridor design is extracted from different forms of sea surface; Cascading wall guides people forward like continuous waves, while reflective ceiling and water-patterned stone floor extend the organic space into dynamic ripples and calm reflection.


Ending by a memorabilia, the wavy corridor leads guests into a bustling “harbor” where small wooden “boats” are docked orderly next to a “cruise liner”. These “boats” are modular booths with undulating wooden partition, transforming the previously open dining hall into semi-private zones. Arranged in a staggered manner, the booth design leaves in-between spaces for lush tropical greenery, infusing the Nanyang atmosphere. Streaming metal curtain modules materialize sea breeze, stone flooring of gradient colors mimics the shore of receding waves; every element interprets a quality of the ocean, together forming a dynamic dining environment.


The previous partition between the main dining hall and the private rooms has been changed from glazing to solid walls to provide better sound insulation and privacy. The new white deck wall is designed to recall the cruise boat hallway where doors come with reverse diamond match veneer and a circular window. The walnut texture continues inside each “cabin” integrating the service station into the solid partition. The wavy wall with gradient shades of colours intends to transition the sea-blue lush carpet floor to calm white ceiling. The chandelier is made of layers of metal mesh,  evoking the light and transparent quality of fish net.


Eating is not only a social event, but also one that could bring back memories of a familiar place,  time or mindset.  Playing with nautical elements to complement the seafood journey, Lukstudio has transformed a restaurant experience into a vacation for the senses.


Location | 3F-10 IFC, 8 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Net Area | 380㎡

Designer | LUKSTUDIO

Director | Christina Luk

Design Team | Yiren Ding, Weifeng Yu, Yoko You, Haixin Wang, Jenny Wang, Yicheng Zhang, Rebecca Tan

Scope | Interior, Millwork & Lighting Design

Key Materials | metal mesh, corrugated metal panel, walnut veneer panel, white deck panel, artificial stone,wall fabric,broadloom carpet

Design Period | 2022.01 -2022.06

Construction Period | 2022.09 – 2023.01

General Contractor | DB&B Co.Ltd

Furniture Manufacturing | Shanghai Muming Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

Lighting Consultant | FANGFANG STUDIO

Photography | WenStudio