The Library


The new Cheil office in Shanghai is comprised of two advertising companies: Cheil China and Bravo Asia. Merging two office cultures often requires a critical transition process: observation, communication, conservation and adaptation. The office design needs to be a flexible platform that recognizes, moderates, or even displays this evolution.

In order to fit several formal meeting rooms within the 900 sqm interior space, a big social area was not a viable solution. The goal was to incorporate nooks and crannies for more intimate exchanges. Designating lounge seating along the bay windows, a linear corridor offers space for both brainstorming and lunch chatter.

The main open area has been organized as a library where shelving acts as spatial divider. The two-tier design contrasts a heavy wooden cabinet and a light metal frame. Functionally, this system offers seating, storage, cloak rack and writing surfaces. Figuratively, the base sets the fort of different teams while the top allows individuals to personalize their boundaries. The degree of transparency offers an interesting reflection of the ever-changing office dynamics.

On the outdoor terrace, the interior strategy of setting a boundary has been translated into a series of L-shaped wooden benches. Weathered steel planters are arranged to create framed windows of calming bamboo for the offices along the west wall.


  • Location: Xuhui District, Shanghai
  • Client: Cheil China
  • Gross Area: 1000 sqm
  • Project start: mid-March, 2013
  • Project completion: mid-July, 2013
  • Project Team: Christina Luk, Wesley Shu
  • Photos by Lotan Photography