Wanting to embody the act of whisky drinking into the design of a bar table, Lukstudio reinterpreted rustic, industrial materials. Antique wood and metal bracing, typically used in making a whisky cask, became the key components.

We worked with Hu & Hu Antiques who specialize in revamping aged wooden doors into table surfaces. Their carpentry expertise helped us to execute the clean lines in our contemporary design.

The concept of a ‘cask’ is expressed by a symbiotic relationship between the table top and its support. While the metal braces are shaped by the wooden top, the latter rely on the former to stay in position. The resulting objects playfully display different forms according to the viewer’s position.


  • Furniture Collection
  • Design by Christina Luk & Kavivath Chhay
  • For LAB Whisky & Cocktail Bar
  • Photos by A-Kai Photo Studio