A Room For The Narcissist


FUO is a popular hat retailer with numerous locations in China. For the rebranding of their store, Lukstudio plays with mirrors and reflections to evoke the narcissistic nature of the shoppers. The result is a surrealist journey that conjures a gallery visit.

The storefront is composed of a calm array of vertical pillars in the window display: a prelude to the interior arrangement. Upon entering through a set of side doors and past a curved display wall, one discovers a spiral of ascending mirrors. The journey follows the rhythmical pillars, as people’s spatial perception shifts between multiple reflections from various angles, the hats on display and their own reflection. The culminating moment reveals one’s reflection from different angles, while standing under a circular skylight.

Chosen materials are similar to those used in textile design such as felt and leather. Soft, grey felt is wrapped around walls and shelves, with round edge details reminiscent of rolls of fabric. The stainless steel and backlit polycarbonate create a contemporary and neutral backdrop for the multi-colored hats, which are positioned atop freestanding brass rods.

Within a 55-sqm space, Lukstudio curates not only the items on display, but the entire retail experience by installing a dynamic array of sculptural pieces. This branding statement surprises intentional patrons, while also leaving an impression with casual passersby. Given the omnipresence of virtual shopping platforms, the design reminds us of the tremendous possibilities of a physical store.


location: Store S-1-4, Block 5, Wuhantiandi, Wuhan, China
net area: 55 sqm
designer: LUKSTUDIO
director: Christina Luk
project team: Alba Beroiz Blazquez, Leo Wang, Ray Ou, Marcello Chiado Rana
design: July – October 2016
construction: November – December 2016
photography and video : PROJECT|ION| motion picture production