The Noodle Rack, ID Mall


The Noodle Rack in ID Mall, Changsha is another iteration of the original LongXiaoBao concept. Steel wire ‘noodles’ droop down towards patron’s bowls in the middle of this popular eatery. The design integrates an ‘on-the-go’ street food experience into a more upscale and modern restaurant. Through a transparent facade, people are encouraged to enter and occupy one of the long canteen style tables either alone, or with friends. The overall atmosphere is refined, yet with rustic elements – accentuated in the use of a corten steel frame that elegantly defines the spatial volume, and sits in contrast to more organic materials such as dark timber and white oak. ‘The Noodle Rack’ pays careful attention to material details and light in celebration of one of China’s staple dishes.


地点: 长沙悦方 ID MALL
室内面积: 100m ²
设计期: Nov – Dec 2015
施工期: Dec 2015 – Jan 2016
项目团队: 陆颖芝, 马赛洛, 蔡金红, 林溢晔, 王峰

摄影: 琢墨建筑摄影