" An ideal project should meet the needs of the owners, realize the designer’s ideas while standing the test of time. Participating in such projects would make me proud. "

Mr. Weifeng Yu graduated from the Architecture and Environmental Art Design Department of China Academy of Art, and joined BHD Architectural Design Shanghai Branch after graduation. He participated in the renovation of Bvlgari Residences Shanghai, Nanjing Yihe Jieziyuan Hotel, the renovation of Yunnan Dianchi Garden Hotel & Spa, and other projects.

In 2019, he became a member of LUKSTUDIO, and worked with the team to complete the Changsha Fresh Mart, Shenzhen Opera House (competition proposal), Wugang Cloud Retreat B&B, Jiangshan Suji_Yuanchen & Blank Villa, JUMBO Seafood Restaurant, and other projects.

Weifeng Yu is full of enthusiasm for design and has excellent program deepening and construction drawing production capabilities. His diligent and studious spirit drove him to develop in the direction of conceptual creation; to explore the spirit and construction-logic of design.