The Travelling Fabric


The 20-1 Station is an exhibition organized by the Textile Library during the Shanghai Fashion Week. The goal of the exhibition is to demonstrate the influence and potential of textile in product development. Extending the idea to the spatial experience, Lukstudio wraps a 150m-long fabric around the existing site and choreographs the discovery of the visitors.

The journey begins at the north entrance where the grey fabric marks the exhibition and leads visitors through the entry into the exhibition spaces.Following the architectural columns and openings, the fabric goes up and down, defining different areas for the exhibits while connecting all of them in a sequence.  Together with the movement of visitors and the changing daylight, this grey backdrop transforms the original open space into a layered theatre.

Flowing through the opening to the second level, the travelling fabric passes around the product try-out area, then continues its way to the exterior terrace lounge and finally rests along the south canopy of the building.To finish off the visit, Lukstudio converts the exiting stairwell into a fabric sample room with a gradient display of 800 textile pieces, as a kind reminder of the protagonist of the exhibition.



client: Textile Library
location: West Bund Art Center, Shanghai
architect: Atelier Deshaus
visual design: MORE Studio
exhibition area: 355 sqm
scope: exhibition interior and display design
design team: LUKSTUDIO
director: Christina Luk
project team: Yiye Lin, Yiren Ding, Melody Shen, Zhiyuan Li, Ryan Wu
design period: February – April 2017
construction period: April 2017
exhibition period: April 8-16 2017
general contractor: Hangzhou Haotai Construction Project Co., Ltd.
photography: PROJECT|ION|, Shisan Fan, Lukstudio