The Lifestyle Archive


In a well-known shopping destination just outside of Hangzhou, the site serves an escape from the downtown of the city. The client’s brief was to create a supermarket that offered a multi-functional lifestyle experience, with areas for both shopping and relaxation.

In this proposal, Lukstudio envisions a system of wooden shelves, organized within solid and transparent volumes that intersect and overlap. The design follows the concept of an archive; stacking, sorting and displaying supermarket products. The archival nature of the structure becomes a continuous architectural language that is used for the product display areas, screen partitions, and even for the design of the façade. The omnipresent wooden shelves create a visual sense of order, while also helping to connect the different functions and spaces.

The existing building is separated over two levels – both indoor and outdoor – with an open atrium in the middle. Lukstudio intends to take advantage of the atrium as an area for social gathering by enhancing opportunities for permeability and circulation.  By overlapping lifestyle and retail spaces within a cohesive layout, Lukstudio seeks to create a unified journey through the supermarket.


location: Hangzhou, China
net area: 3000 sqm
design proposal: LUKSTUDIO
design team: Marcello Chiado Rana, Ray Ou
design: Dec 2015