The Hug Collection is a result of exploring the design language of luxury and comfort. Lukstudio combines Art Deco and modern styles into a series of sleek yet soft sculptures. The refined one-piece design integrating back and armrest, hugging the seaters’ body like good old friends.

Tailored for hospitality projects, both sofas and chairs have been developed into different sizes and colours for easy combination. From the sturdy sofa to the compact pouf, each curve is scrutinized for elegance and function.

Product Information
client: The Sukhothai Shanghai
director: Christina Luk
design team: Yicheng Zhang, Min Dai
design period: 2020.09-2021.03
production period: 2021.05-2021.07
key material: metal, fabric
manufacturer: Shanghai Haixiang Furniture Co., Ltd.
photography: CHENHUA STUDIO