The Galaxy


‘Creativity is the art of balancing the infinite and the finite.’ This quote from Oscar Wilde perfectly captures the essence of our latest project – Nikon’s flagship store in Guangzhou. We believe that creativity is the key to release the potential of any space. As a centennial brand with solid reputation of high-quality cameras, Nikon mostly focused on innovation and product development. After the successful reception of Shanghai Flagship, Nikon decided to continue the momentum and connect to its customers in the south of China. It is our goal to create an inviting environment that engages the photographic community and activates exchange of ideas.


On the 3F of the Grandview Mall, the irregular fan-shaped site sits at the corner with an elongated extension.


The design challenge is to fit all the programs in the previous 3-storey Shanghai location, namely: gallery hall, product display and event area, into a single floor plan with smaller area and comes with a central column right at the front.  Instead of making it ‘disappear‘, Lukstudio sees the original structure as an opportunity, turning it into an anchor of the touch-n-try product display area.


To slim down the original bulky structure, curved longitudinal shafts surround the front part and acrylic shelves are set within to form display cubby holes. The self-lit shelves appear  “floating and static” as if they are releasing energy, while the use of galvanized steel pays tribute to the vintage camera flash. Based on the newly established focal point, the ceiling design is composed of concentric mirrored stainless steel strips, radiating outwards and forming a futuristic “galaxy”. The prominence of the once “sore thumb” in the space has been utilized to create a field of energy exuding beyond the main storefront and attracting the passers-by to explore within.


The use of rammed earth finish and wooden display shelving continues the design language from the Shanghai store. Taking inspiration from shooting in nature, the exquisite photographic equipment in display are juxtaposed against rustic materiality. The material palette also helps to balance the cold appearance of metal finishes, ensuring a cozy ambience. Curvilinear islands with reeded texture are inspired by camera lens.  Seasonal products are arranged in another flexible peg board area, demonstrating infinite possibilities of creativity with removable cross pegs looking like focus points.


At the event area, an explorer’s wisdom of adaptation is reflected in flexible furniture design allowing the space to transform from a casual hangout spot, different workshops, to a photographic studio.


At the gallery, long benches are provided for those who take their time to ponder in front of the exhibits. A flexible side table turns the long bench into a product presentation spot where a newly bought camera is unwrapped and the camera owner discovers all the creative possibilities. An invisible pull between the bench and the table is made possible with an incision, a small detail to ensure the pair staying in positions.


A trolley fitted with a top display compartment is used to transport a printer in its bottom drawer, allowing the photographic community to print out their work during workshops.Along the gallery wall, a feature of optic lenses where Guangzhou is written in light marks the checkpoint for the photography community.


Client | Nikon

Location | Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Net Area | 200 ㎡

Designer | LUKSTUDIO

Director | Christina Luk

Design Team | Munyee Ng, Angel Wang, Zoey Zhou, Haibin Chao

Scope | interior, millwork, furniture

Design Period | 2021.11 – 2022.01

Construction Period | 2022.02 – 2022.05

Key Materials | rammed earth paint, mirror stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, tempered glass, metal mesh, corrugated aluminum plate, galvanized steel, ceramic tiles, oak veneer, acrylic, artificial leather

General Contractor | ADM Design & Build

Photography | Huangzaohui