The Forest


With a specific design brief from a fusion restaurant to create an “animal-themed” interior, Lukstudio has conceived a fun forest that invokes a life-sized kids’ art project.

The idea of emerging from a rabbit hole to a vast forest is partly inspired by the split-level site: a 50-sqm dessert bar on the ground floor and a 320-sqm restaurant above. To tie the underground and the aboveground, Lukstudio has sculpted the 2-storey storefront into a cave-like facade. As the irregular triangulations extend into the interiors, they become more regular and fold into a tunnel leading to the stairwell, where one has an enticing peek to the colorful world above.

The forest is shaped by a layered hexagonal ceiling feature and its corresponding floor pattern mimicking foliage and its shadows. Banquette and hanging bulbs wrap around columns to conjure the romantic idea of dining under a tree, while other tables are illuminated by birdhouse pendants. Together with a wall relief of geometrical trees and animal silhouettes, a journey in the vivid restaurant brings upon a unique experience to its visitors.


  • net area: 370 sqm
  • scope: storefront design, interior design, furniture and lighting design
  • design: Feb – April 2015
  • construction: April – June 2015
  • project team: Christina Luk, Cai Jin Hong, Marcello Chiado Rana, Pao Yee Lim ,Yiye Lim
  • photography: Peter Dixie for LOTAN Architectural Photography