The Film Valley


After the completion of both Shanghai and Guangzhou flagships, Lukstudio and Nikon has brought the store concept to the West of China. The project is located at the IFS International Financial Center, the core of the Chunxi Road business district in Chengdu. In this bustling commercial environment, the design intent is not only to stand out, continuing the concept of nature of the previous stores, but also to embrace the unique relaxing atmosphere of Chengdu.


The design maximizes the irregular site into two parts: the storefront area hosts the main product display and a zigzag area towards the back accommodates events and BOH spaces. The central cylindrical column at the entrance serves as a focal point to draw users in, while the sinuous walls envelop the space resembling a continuous film roll. The interconnected functional areas unfold gradually as visitors proceed around the  “valley”, creating a sense of discovery.


Distinguished from the previous metal mesh design in Shanghai and Guangzhou, the gallery display in the Chengdu store adopts a more sophisticated approach.  Semi-circular wooden strips create a textured wooden backdrop where display items are highlighted by profile spotlights. The textured wall also recurs at the library area where the checkpoint feature of optic lenses stating the city is found. A concave space at the corner hosting a long-focus lens experience area is marked by a slick ceiling design, looking like a futuristic spaceship about to launch.


The camera display stand in the central area harmonizes with the mirrored circular ceiling, as the circular shape extends down to the ground, creating an energy field between heaven and earth. The rammed earth walls surrounding it simulate the appearance of valleys, layer upon layer, gently spreading throughout the space, enticing people to come and explore. The open-plan design creates a diverse and immersive environment where inclusive wall niches integrate abundant display from products to artwork.


The rammed earth curved wall leads users into Creator’s Gateway, an inviting multi-functional experience area. Echoing the theme of creativity, the design manuscript of the brand’s classic camera marks the entrance. The meticulous graphics are engraved on the light-guiding acrylic, perfectly combining history and technology. Equipped with ample storage, the space is highly adaptive; a working station is attentively tucked at the corner, providing a comfortable nook for post-production.


At the film valley, a lot of attention goes into refining the expression of nature vs technology. The overall earthy tone complements the metallic finishes; tapered profile in millwork creates a sense of lightness and craftsmanship; diffused soft lighting is opted whenever possible to avoid harsh shadows. The result is a relaxing gathering spot bringing the photography enthusiasts  together, sharing the joy of recording meaningful moments.



Client | Nikon

Location | Jinjiang District, Chengdu

Net Area | 365 ㎡

Designer | LUKSTUDIO

Director | Christina Luk

Design Team | Yoko You, Jenny Wang

Scope | interior, millwork, furniture

Design Period | 2023.1 – 2023.4

Construction Period | 2023.4 – 2023.7

Key Materials | rammed earth paint, mirror stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, terrazzo, oak floor, acrylic, artificial leather

Lighting Consultant | Fang Fang Studio

Photography | Wen Studio