Located in a mid-rise office building where white corridors and fluorescent lighting dominate, the office of Pivot Marketing Services distinguishes itself with a calm ambience. The loft-like space features a darker material palette and an exposed concrete ceiling.

The company, a creative event planner with seasonal peaks, is used to tides of collaborators and the occasional overflow of props. Storage is always a key concern, but the main design challenge was to provide an adaptive space that accommodates work fluctuations. On top of that, the office layout needs to be highly efficient, with long term planning for future growth.

The 320 sqm office space is split into two floors: creative department on the main level, and event planning + marketing on the upper level. Each floor features a “hub” area along the perimeter for quiet work away from the main desks.

On the main level, the logo backdrop at the reception belongs to a continuous core that connects all spaces. This black volume is punctuated by several niches highlighted in the company colour, each providing a unique function. Two floor-to-ceiling shelving units define the central work area. Each unit comes with different sliding panels: blackboards encourage informal exchange next to the workstations; glass doors help divide the meeting room and private office.

Connecting the two levels, the wooden stairs and the open pantry area present a homey and relaxing atmosphere to remind everyone to take a break and a different perspective. More usable surfaces are provided here for pinning and writing, just to capture and share any enlightened thoughts.

Private offices of the directors and partners flank the upper level open space. Despite the use of glazing divider, privacy is well maintained by placing cabinets to control views. For the open area staff, double-loaded units are installed along desks. Each individual is able to find a personalized area within the big communal space.

Photos by A-Kai Photo Studio