A Long Overdue Hug


Being part of a large-scale mixed-use development called HKRI Taikoo Hui, Sukhothai Shanghai enjoys its proximity to a premium shopping mall, two office towers, another boutique hotel and a serviced apartment building. Featuring a collection of 200 kinds of gin from all over the world, the Urban Lounge aims to provide a metropolitan atmosphere for the well-travelled tourists and office executives. A mission to energize the social destination without any big-scale demolition has given rise to a furniture upgrade project.


Starting from the concept of “hugging” and the feeling of sinking into a seat, Lukstudio has customized a series of soft sofas and relaxing chairs. Considering the dim lighting in the lounge, fabrics of saturated colours and reflective textures such as velvet and silk have been selected for the upholstery. The tables are conceived as organic sculptures instilling a sense of nature. Curved marble slabs are supported by sinuous wooden base, simulating stacking pebble sculptures often found near the coast.


The curved forms and lush materiality not only tap into the Art Deco era, but most importantly appeal to our senses.  The new ensemble is organized into flexible groupings to promote easy flow, bringing about an indulgence of luxury and comfort. Refurbishing a lounge with minimal intervention requires attention to the existing. Our intent is to improve but not disrupt.


The Hug Collection – A long overdue hug for you


The Hug Collection is a result of exploring the design language of luxury and comfort. Lukstudio combines Art Deco and modern styles into a series of sleek yet soft sculptures. The refined one-piece design integrating back and armrest, hugging the seaters’ body like good old friends.


Tailored for hospitality projects, both sofas and chairs have been developed into different sizes and colours for easy combination.  From the sturdy sofa to the compact pouf, each curve is scrutinized for elegance and function.


The Hug Chair Family includes a low-back armchair, a high-back lounge chair and its rocking chair sister, a stool and a poof.  Playing with colours and heights.


Pebble Collection – Organic sculptures


Inspired by stacked pebbles often spotted around the coast, Lukstudio has designed a group of organic tables, bringing in a sense of nature. Thick marble slabs lightly sitting on heavy wooden bases, displaying sculptural balance.


The no-sharp-edge design is friendly to the body and the retracted base leaves enough legroom. The double-curved table with exquisite marble veins is not only beautiful to the eyes, but also soothing to the touch.


Project Information

Client | The Sukhothai Shanghai

Location | No.380 Weihai Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Project Area | 90 ㎡

Interior and Furniture Design | LUKSTUDIO

Director | Christina Luk

Design Team | Yicheng Zhang, Min Dai

Scope | interior and furniture

Design Period | 2020.09 – 2021.03

Fabrication / Installation Period | 2021.05 – 2021.07

Furniture Fabricator | Shanghai Hai Xiang Furniture Co., Ltd.

Lighting Production | Shanghai MW

Key Materials | marble, metal, black lacquered ash wood, fabric

Interior Photography | Wen Studio

Furniture Photography | CHENHUA STUDIO